Trail High Performance

You don't have to be a racer to appreciate the incredible big bump capability and cornering precision of the Ski-Doo MX Z X-RS model. It's perfectly ready for a normal Sunday run over rutted out trails. But it also has the capability to easily tackle massive moguls and take huge hits with its race-proven suspensions and advanced shocks.

"Our judge's panel still overwhelmingly thinks the X-RS is the sled to beat." - American Snowmobiler


Renegade X


Crossover On- and Off-Trail

This is the sled the most demanding crossover enthusiasts have been clamouring for. It starts with the capable and precise chassis from the MXZx 600RS, including chassis reinforcements, wide running boards and adds a little length to give it that go anywhere capacity. Then it adds bottomless KYB Pro 40 piggyback racing shocks used on the stock race sled and more for extreme capability.

Models: Renegade X-RS, Renegade X, Renegade Backcountry X, Renegade Adrenaline, Renegade Backcountry, Renegade Sport

Summit X


Deep snow mountain riding

More fun with less effort. The ability to go places you never thought. Carving lines through trees your buddies have second thoughts about. It’s all yours when you reach for a 2015 Summit SP snowmobile. No matter which engine you choose, you get all the benefits of E-TEC technology and the most specialized mountain sled out there: the REV-XM.

"Twenty years from now we might be saying this is the sled that changed mountain snowmobiling."

Models: Summit X with T3 package, Summit X, Summit SP, Summit Sport



Extreme Mountain Riding

For some riders, venturing off the beaten path is just not enough. You need to push it to the limit and do it in style. That’s where the Freeride sled comes in.

Models: Freeride 137, Freeride 146/154




Trail Luxury Performance

The Ski-Doo GSX SE sled is at the intersection of performance, comfort and high tech features. With standard rMotion rear skidframe with ACS air suspension, industry-leading engine choices, standard LinQ cargo bag and heated seat.

Models: GSX SE, GSX LE


Grand Touring SE

Grand Touring

Two-up Touring

Looking at the standard features list of the Ski-Doo Grand Touring SE sled is like looking at an entire catalog of luxury features. Few sleds come close to its level of comfort for the driver and passenger, especially with the addition of the rMotion rear suspension for 2015. Even fewer can match its easy handling and smooth performance.

"Acclaimed the 2013 Best 2-UP Touring sled of the 2013 Buyers Guide."
- American Snowmobiler, 2013 Buyers Guide

Models: Grand Touring SE, Grand Touring LE, Grand Touring Sport



Two-up touring-utility

The Ski-Doo Expedition SE sled is unlike any other sled in the industry. It adds a full complement of luxury and rugged features on top of an already remarkably capable and comfortable sled.

Models: Expedition SE, Expedition LE, Expedition Sport

Tundra Xtreme



Take one look and it’s obvious this is no work sled. With unmatched flotation, comfort and a powerful engine, it’ll take you as far as you want to go playing in deep powder and climbing hills.

Models: Tundra Xtreme,Tundra LT, Tundra Sport


Skandic SWT



The ultimate utility sled with the comfortable and maneuverable REV-XU platform and massive 24 x 156 in. (61 x 396 cm) wide track for going nearly anywhere and pulling nearly anything. A new forward foot position for 2015 adds driver comfort.

Models: Skandic SWT, Skandic WT

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