Riding Mowers


Zoom Zero Turn

Zoom ZeroThe Ariens Zoom Zero Turn riding mower provides exceptional cutting performance for an outstanding value. The Zoom is an ideal option for homeowners looking to cut a large yard in up to half the time. ​

Models: Zoom 34, Zoom 42, Zoom 50

IKON X Zero Turn

IKONThe Ariens IKON-X is packed with commercial quality—a tougher, longer-lasting zero-turn, built to perform way above its pay grade.

You'll get more quality, more comfort and pro features you won't find on anything else in its class. Like a commercial-grade fabricated deck and height-of-cut adjustment with the turn of a dial. All with the same American-built quality that's made Ariens the homeowner's go-to for generations.

Plain and simple, the IKON-X is more mower for the money. And it's your chance to step up to a superior mowing experience.

Models: IKON X 42, IKON X 52

Zoom XL Zero Turn

ZoomIf you have a lot of grass to mow and not much time to cut it, then a Zoom® XL zero turn riding mower is what you need… high performance engine options jet you along at up to 6.5 miles per hour…extraordinary cutting systems with impressive mowing widths efficiently speed the process…and durable components at every turn to reliably keep you up and cutting for years.​

Models: Zoom XL 42, Zoom XL 52, Zoom XL 60

Apex Series

ApexWhen it comes to precision, comfort, design, and durability, the all-new APEX is born at the top of its class. The first of its kind, this machine was engineered from the ground up to bring commercial performance home while raising the industry standard and taking the driving experience to new heights.​

Models: Apex 48, Apex 52, Apex 60



Pro TurnDesigned for professionals by professionals, the Gravely Pro-Turn®​ zero-turn mower brings the power of industry insights to the turf. Durable, reliable, comfortable and highly maneuverable. These machines set the undisputed benchmark for commercial lawn mowers.

Models: Pro-Turn, Pro-Turn 100, Pro-Turn 200, Pro-Turn 400


GravelyWith 34- to 50-inch options, no other model in its class measures up to the ZT. That’s because these zero-turn mowers were inspired by our commercial models—and as a result, bring home a level of quality and performance that blow right by the competition.

Models: Gravely ZT HD, Gravely ZT XL, Gravely ZT X, Graveley ZT


Pro RideTThe right size at the right price. Our Compact-Pro®​ zero-turn mowers are loaded with creature comforts and fueled by performance measurements that are off the charts. The uncompromised strength, flexibility and power of the Compact-Pro doesn’t quit—same as you.

Models: Compact-Pro